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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Stephanie M.A.
Length: Long
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135 lbs
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: M
Nice, but too baggy

I love the fabric and feel of this dress, but it’s not very flattering on me. I returned the Medium because it was too big, but now I feel the Small is also too spacious. I wish it had a little more shape or a little less fabric. Maybe it would “swing” more if I had not ordered the long version.

Jen S.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 147lbs
Bra Size: 36C
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
I love this dress

I'll start with the negatives, the main one isn't the fault of the dress, I just really wish I had purchased a small, but it's too late now. I still love the dress and I'm happy to wear it on the larger side (at least I am so far, on day 5 of my 100 day challenge!)

My next slight negative is that I was expecting a slightly thicker material, I think because I have a few Merino wool tops and I thought they would be like that, so I was disappointed when I opened the box. On the other hand, it's only a slight negative as I now love the weight of the dress, how it feels, how it hangs.

Now for all the good stuff!
I love the colour, burgundy, and the shape and style of the dress. I really REALLY love that it has pockets, as do all of my dresses these days. You can actually put quite a bit into the pockets before it's really noticeable, possibly because the dress is quite large for me, but I think it's also because they are stitched into the seams so any weight is well supported. Also the fabric is excellent quality, and stands up well to robust use. My kids are a good test of that, climbing all over me, even pulling at the neckline (in the case of the hungry baby! It is possible to breastfeed in this dress without ruining the neckline, though I usually lift the whole thing up).

Despite the kids I've only needed a couple of spot washes with a damp cloth so far, and it's not looking particularly wrinkled yet, except in the sleeves where I usually scrunch them up a bit anyway. I don't generally iron anything I own anyway so this is great news for me.

So far I've worn it with black tights, leggings or skinny jeans, but I'm thinking of other options. As the weather gets warmer I'll wear it with bare legs and sandals, probably with shorts underneath. I've found the temperature regulation so far to be great, keeping me warm / cool as needed, and I'm still feeling fresh and clean, even in the underarms.

Overall it's a high quality, beautiful and versatile dress.

Beth L.
Height: 170
Weight: 90
Bra Size: 44 dd
Size Purchased: 1X
Usual Size: 1X
Glorious colour

I bought a Rowena in Modern Red size 1X because there was nothing in stock that I really wanted.

The colour is fabulous. The fit is disappointing, too wide on the shoulder and too long in the sleeve.

My husband loves it. I would like to have it altered.

Height: 168cm
Weight: 60kg
Bra Size: 65F
Size Purchased: XS
Usual Size: S
Less swingy than expected

From previous reviews I expected the Rowena to be very wide/shapeless. I already have a Maggie in size S (supposedly less wide, but looks big on me) so although I should have gotten an S according to my measurements I got the XS - also because the S was sold out in my favourite color.

The XS Rowena is actually a bit tight in the chest area and appears to be less wide in the hip area than the S Maggie. It is also over 5cm shorter, but it could be that way because I wore the Maggie for my 100-day challenge and it may have stretched. At first I was a bit disappointed and ready to exchange the Rowena, maybe with an S or a long, but now that I'm used to it the Maggie feels too long!

Helen M.
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 110 Ibs
Bra Size: 34D
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: S
Fabulous dress

I loved everything about this dress, but as I am quite short the style didn’t seem to suit me. I will be ordering a different style dress as I loved the fabric and colour.

Lesley B.
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 152lbs
Bra Size: 34b
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: L
Rowena swing

I ordered a large but changed it for a medium as sizing is generous. Have worn the dress every day since it arrived a week ago and am really pleased with it. It doesn’t crease and pet hairs don’t seem to stick to it which a real bonus in our house. I am thinking of getting a sleeveless version for the hot weather.

Suzanne F.
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 74kg
Bra Size: 34b
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: L
Versatile style and great quality

Tested this eating out, in a place which can be hot or cold! Fantastic!
The dress benefit from a bit of ironing; dressed up really well and I've also worn for home working and more.
Planning to try another style and also this dress in black too.
Medium fits well/snugly on arms and I'm a UK size 14 usually.

Judy B.
Height: 160cm
Weight: 65Kg
Bra Size: 36B
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Better than expected

The quality and sizing of this dress were as expected since I have been wearing a Willow for 100+ days now. I got help from others on the fb group to determine the colour and burgundy was just what I wanted. It's a deep blue-red - not scarlet or pink and not brown like the redwood (to my eyes)
What surprised me is how much I like wearing this dress. I chose Willow because I like V-necks and 3/4 sleeves. This Rowena has a scoop neck and long sleeves and I love it. Somehow those features look really good on me - that and the colour. I wore the Willow with multiple layers during the winter and now as the weather gets warmer I am loving how both of these dresses still feel comfortable in spite of snug sleeves. That's the merino working its magic and it really does work. I can keep my arms covered against the sun and still feel cool.
At my age I find many dresses that are my size everywhere else, are tight on the sleeves. this medium Rowena is not tight but it does fit on the arms and feels snug when I pull them up to 3/4.

Height: 1.78
Weight: 77kg
Bra Size: 40B ( U.K. size )
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Part of my new way of life .

I like this dress because of its simplicity . I want to simplify my life , and this dress marks the start . I like the longer length , because in summer I can wear it without my usual trousers , and not look too ridiculous ( I’m 85) ! I hope that I don’t have to iron it after washing it ( another simplifying factor ) . Just need several in varying colours . Have to start simplifying the rest of my life now. Getting rid of all unnecessary “stuff” .

Penelope B.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lb
Bra Size: 34c
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Nice dress

My order arrived promptly and was as described. The dress fits well and looks nice.

wearing merino comes with advantages